Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fairy Magic

Yesterday the new Disney Fairy movie came out, Secret of the Wings. They have been advertising it heavily on the Disney Channel, so the girls have been primed for months to get it. ToysBUs (haha) had a special that if you bought $30 in Fairy stuff, you got a free pair of $15 light up wings.

I got the last pair.

Woo Hoo!

But to hit the $30 mark I bought the new fairy, Periwinkle. And with that purchase, I have officially started Christmas Shopping! I smuggled the Periwinkle doll and the wings up to the front register and got them home without the girls peeking. This is the first time I've successfully X-mas shopped with the girls so Hooray for me!

To distract the girls, I had them browse the aisle and look for things they would like for Christmas. So to give anyone buying presents a headstart as well, here are a few things that you can watch for to go on sale as Christmas toy sales start up after Halloween.

For Little Bear.

She loves Merida, so here are a few 'Hero' gifts. (I'll call them that because the girls will jump up and down with excitement when the open them and you will be their hero for getting them).

Little Bear REALLY wants a bow and arrow set. They have one that has merida's picture on it at most toy stores, but she would probably like a cheap bow and arrow set as well.

And I haven't purchased a Merida Barbie sized doll yet.

And for 
And for Sassy . . . .she loves everything Disney, Barbie and more.
The winner prize for her is the full set of the Little Mermaid and her sisters. The one in ToysBUs says it is exclusive to their store, but I thought I saw them in Target. And Sassy would also love the Tinkerbell music box from the first Tinkerbell movie. I think the package calls it "Wendy's music box" but it comes with a ballerina and a Tinkerbell to go on top.

 The Commander is just Requesting that toys be small which to me means, no life size toys and they should fit easily inside a backpack.

And somethings that the Captain (me!) would like for the girls . . ...
1000 piece puzzles for Sassy and I to put together. They can't be artsy photos with a lot of blended colors. Translation, not a lot of big spaces of one color and not a lot of 'watercolor' blending.

Good Puzzle pics

 Bad Puzzle pics

And after playing Barbies with the girls at least 4 times a week, the Captain would also like to see them get some boys. We have 2 Kens, but the girls keep fighting over them. And to make them 'Hero' gifts, you might want to look into buying actual heroes, AKA the Disney Princes.

 We only have Flynn Rider (bottom right) and that poor guy is pretty overworked saving the girls everyday. You can find all these guys at the Disney online store.

And just a side note that the girls do have all of the Disney princesses except Merida and Pocahontas.

I'll work on more Christmas items for the girls as we go along, but I wanted to give everyone a head start especially since they start sales right after Halloween.


  1. I cannot face Christmas shopping yet! We have entered a slightly different phase here, what with my kids continuing to grow up whether I like it or not! :-)

    We just saw Brave last week in the theater, our mall does second run movies for $1. Buddy was so scared, he ended up in my lap and crying. Bee loved it and he did not. He did not like that the mom was in danger, which made me happy. I liked the movie very much, though I really did think the mean bear would magically turn into a handsome man for Merida to love at the end. I'm so brain-washed! Ha ha.