Monday, October 8, 2012

So I still suck at posting . . .

But should be getting better! We moved into our new apartment on the lake. There is a beautiful walking path around the lake that Little Bear and I have been walking on when the weather is nice after I drop Sassy off at school . . .which now takes 20-25 minutes total round trip depending upon the traffic versus the hour and a half that it took to drive from the 'far side of the mountain.' Speaking of which did anyone read that book in school? 'My side of the mountain' and 'The far side of the mountain.' It was like Walden for teenagers. LOVED IT!

Okay so a list:

Things I miss from NE:

First item has to be FAMILY. The girls miss their Grandparents DON'T CRY MIMI! : )
My Office. I miss getting out and working with friends everyday.
Phone reception - we are between the Huntsville Airport and the Army Base, I have to sit by a window for good reception. : )
Living 5 blocks from EVERYTHING! I lived by the Mall, a Snowcone store, my office, the post office, Target, the grocery store and Barnes and Noble.
Shopping at HyVee. There was something to be said for knowing where to find all of your favorite items at the grocery store. Here I have to figure out if the generics are as good as the name brands again, and substitute for items that I had favorites of. I miss my whole bean Highland Grogg flavored coffee and Generic HyVee frozen Brocolli Florets.
I miss walking the mall EVERY day. I was a coupon and sale stalker and it was awesome! Here I am relearning stores.
City streets. Specifically grid street layouts and streets with ONE name. Every street here is layed out like a snake and changes names at least once as you drive along it. And I'm not talking N 56th Street versus S 56th street and they all change name at one common street. Because that would be logical.
I'm talking about California Street turns into Andrew Jackson Way.
The lincoln public library system. I can't reserve DVDs here, and you can only borrow them for a week. I liked going to the library once every 2 - 3 weeks.
Henry Doorley Zoo and Lincoln Children's Museum. If you are near them, the next time you visit, realize how lucky you are to have them .  . .

Okay enough nasties . . .here's the awesome stuff.

Look! The commander even did a stupid "I'm holding this up" pose for me!

The scenery.  . . Gardens, Mountains and Lake Oh My!
Little Bear at the butterly house in the Botanical Gardens

Our walk to the playground. Pretty isn't it?
Air crafts. With us living next to the Military base and the airport, we get to see lots of planes and helicopters flying around.

Last week, this one must have been running drills because it spent all afternoon flying around over the base and pausing to 'hover'.
The food!
Yummy Beignet!

More finger licking good that KFC!

And finally . . .watery fun for the girls! I now keep swimsuits and towels in the van at all times along with a change of clothes.
Water play area at the local mall.

botanical gardens water play area

And that's what I've got for now. . .

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