Monday, October 15, 2012

Where your rump rests . . .

Why yes I have been watching Lion King with Little Bear . . . how did you know?

They came! Little Bear and I were able to sit down and eat lunch at our new table! (Now do you get why I used Pumba's quote for the title?)
Isn't it sexy?

 Especially with all the junk still surrounding it. I comfort myself with the thought that everything in and under those white trash bags is donations. Oh! And there is a leaf insert for it that is stored UNDER the table. A leaf with built in self storage! AWESOME!

And Look!
A complimentary coat rack! (less awesome)

The cat bed that doubles as our door stop was already in my possession.

Now the big question . . .who still uses a coat rack? Any multi-purpose uses that anyone can give me?

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  1. Stacey just showed me a Pinterest idea where they hung stocking on a coat tree. Love the new furniture. Can't wait to visit.