Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Mr. Wilson!

I need a volleyball.

But not just any volleyball. I need Wilson.

THE Wilson.

Today, it was only about 50 degrees here, but I felt chilled to the bone. Not cold enough inside to want to turn up the thermostat, because that makes it really hot in the master bedroom where the Commander sleeps during the day.

So I decided to start a fire for Little Bear and I.

And everytime I start a fire by myself I feel like this. . .

I have made FIRE!
And the more I think about it, the better Wilson would look on my Mantle. . . .don't you agree?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas of the boys, year of the girls.

So about Christmas. . . .

Allow me to share all the AWESOME photos I took!

oh wait. . .THERE AREN'T ANY!

Every year I have a #epicfail moment at Christmas in which I take about 5 photos the entire Christmas season. The Commander however, is a different story.

He takes HUNDREDS.

I would guess that the lack of my desire to take a photo of the girls opening everygift is directly related to the fact that I know sometime in my future, I will be the one who has to select which photos should go in an album, which ones are stuck in electronic purgatory, and which ones should just be deleted. And I HATE deleting photos.

But I do have to say that my girls hit the jackpot this year at Christmas.

The BOY jackpot.

My girls came home with ALL the Disney Princes. And mommy and the princesses are so happy! For some reason, when we just had the girls, they spent most of their
time in need to being rescued and admiring each other's dresses. The introduction of the plastic Y chromosome has somehow allowed playtime to now consist of visiting each other, sitting down to eat meals together, and about a bazillion weddings. But I'll take weddings over a princess screaming "HELP ME!" any day.

And have you ever cried over a Christmas present that WASN'T jewelry? This was MY year to babble and cry.
And it was over this . . ..
A SERGER! The commander finally figured out after about 5 years of asking, that I really, REALLY wanted this thing. Hooray!
Wintery fun was had by all on our trip back to Nebraska, the cat ate the last ninja sugar cookies before I got around to taking a picture of it, and I taught my second solo girl scout meeting today. I have learned that being 'kind of' organized when faces with 6 K-3rd graders is the same as trying to do crafts with no scissors, tape or glue.
It just isn't cool!
I've got a lot of work to do to be ready for these girls. And with that, I'm heading to bed.