Sunday, September 8, 2013

American Girls!

For some reason since we spent one month of our summer in Nebraska, I can't seem to figure out where our summer went.

But I do know that we had a great time.

After we got back, Mimi flew into Atlanta so that she could finally give Little Bear and Sassy their birthday presents.

American Girl Dolls

If you have a girl between the age of 5 and 12, going to an American girl store is a pretty awesome experience. And the store in Atlanta even has a bistro/café to make the experience even more amazing.

Mimi had to wonder about why she never bought my sister and I American Girl Dolls, and I laughed because we were about 12 when American girls started to become popular. And of course they were nothing like what they have today! We had our pick of FOUR historical dolls when we started receiving the catalogue. I wanted Samantha from 1904.

You can buy everything you see here plus the bed and travel trunk for Samantha for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Sheesh! Is it any wonder that Mimi didn't want to get us started on these when we were twelve?

However, Now there are dozens of styles to choose from so that you can get a doll that matches you. And I have to tell you that these dolls are AWESOME! I bought the cheap version from Target and let me tell you that they aren't worth even a penny compared to the quality of the American girl dolls.

The girls picked two slightly different styles of dolls so that they would always know which one was theirs. And they have been playing with them ever since they got home.

Awesome pick Mimi!

And of course, if the company that runs American Girls is as smart as Disney, by the time I am old enough to become a grandmother, they will have brought back the Samantha doll and I will indulge myself by buying the entire collection just because I can. : )