Friday, September 7, 2012

Big news in pics . . .

We have visitors this week. The Commander's parents are staying with us for 10 days.
Yup, ten days.
But I'll move past the stress of playing host while the commander sleeps during the day and focus on all of the great news we have.
First, We bought a NEW van!
The old one started to cough and wheeze again and rather than throw money at it, we decided to throw money at a new van. (Umm did that sound like a visit to the strip club to you as well? Nevermind, I'm just tired.)

Second, we visited the Botanical Gardens where they have awesome fall scarecrow and haybale art on display.
Check out the dragon . . .

Don't eat my babies!
Do you think he is considered a scarecrow or haybale art?
Then we finally visited the space museum.
Awesome! And The Commander even did a stupid picture for me. . . .even if he decided it was stupid halfway through me telling him how to pose and said, "please just take the photo"

We found a fairy circle in the Botanical Gardens we hadn't seen before. . . .
Little Bear found Skippy John Jones at Kohls. Isn't she cute?

And Sassy finally got the haircut she wanted, check out how much they cut off. . ..
That's all I have time for now . . but I'll post more when my home is a little more, um, empty.