Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Mr. Wilson!

I need a volleyball.

But not just any volleyball. I need Wilson.

THE Wilson.

Today, it was only about 50 degrees here, but I felt chilled to the bone. Not cold enough inside to want to turn up the thermostat, because that makes it really hot in the master bedroom where the Commander sleeps during the day.

So I decided to start a fire for Little Bear and I.

And everytime I start a fire by myself I feel like this. . .

I have made FIRE!
And the more I think about it, the better Wilson would look on my Mantle. . . .don't you agree?


  1. Did you get warm and toasty? I've been going out with the preschoolers every day this week. My feet get cold just thinking about it. But they love it. Did anyone take pictures of the kids outside with Uncle Scott?

  2. I will admit to a bit of envy. We don't have a fireplace and I do love building a fire! I have to satisfy that urge in the spring/summer/fall with our outdoor fire pit. But I'm just like you, dancing around proudly, "I MADE FIRE!!!" :-)