Monday, April 1, 2013

Update time

So I was playing a mindgame with myself. For some reason I didn't want to create a new post until I had the pics from my January trip back to NE for the work party at my old office.

And I finally got them when I went to Nebraska last week.

So First thing first. While I was back in December, my friend D and I went shopping together. We got the giggles while looking at dresses in JCPenney's and tried on matching Sparkly dresses. We thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if she and I went to the work party together and dressed in matching fancy dresses?"

And the idea stuck. So here are a few pics of us at the event.

Can you see by the clothes of our co-workers that we were a little dressed up for the event? D tells me that someone walked up and commented on our dresses and asked, "Don't you think you are trying to get a little attention?"

And to that she answered, DO YOU THINK?

And I had anticipated a lot more pictures of the dance, but apparently the photographer left before "The guys," as I'll call them, showed up and we started dancing to 90s classics like "Jump Around."

I don't think I'll be invited back next year . . .but then again, there's never a guarantee that this party will be held next year due to a change in management.

At any rate, I had an awesome time chatting with my favorite people from the office and hanging out with my favorite blogger. Hopefully I didn't embarrass her too much as I introduced her to anyone who came up to talk to us.

And that is why I haven't blogged.


  1. I really like your matching dresses...and LOVE your hair! Maybe we'll see you one of these times that you're back in NE. Give us a call, we'll head up to Trumbull to see y'all!

  2. Love the pics. Glad you got to go. Glad we could help out.