Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Birthday Weekend - Friday

First thing first. Friday was The Commanders birthday, many comments were made about him getting old, to which I pointed out to the girls that The Commander's Grandmother is old, The Captain's Grandmothers are old, Daddy is not really OLD. He got a superhero card and some shirts from the girls and I, and then we did most of our celebrating throughout the weekend.

But now onto my little Artist.

When I picked Sassy up from school on Thursday, she was crying. It took me a few minutes of trying to talk to her to figure out that it was a good crying, not a bad crying. She had this note in her backpack.

 Panoply? I had no idea what this was, so we headed back into school to ask her teacher. Panoply is a big arts festival in Huntsville and Sassy's art was chosen to be on display. She was on the only one in her classroom to be selected and apparently only about 25 students from each school in Huntsville get selected.

So we loaded up the family on Friday and headed down to see her art. Sassy's is the one at the bottom left. And yes this is the best picture I have of it.

As you can see there were balloon animals to be found, dancers to watch, and crafts to do.

And below is Sassy getting a henna flower painted on her hand. I had to laugh as I watched parents with very young toddlers get henna designs on their children. They had authentic henna patterns meticulously painted on that the small child quickly wiped off 5 seconds after the poor artist finished.

Have you ever had henna put on? It takes about 30 minutes to dry and it smears easily. I at least knew what to expect so when the girls got their turn I looked at the girl painting the design and I said "Make it small and make it simple!"

Then I told the girls they had to hold their balloon animals in their hand with henna on it and keep it their until the henna dried. The girls may forget that they had paste on their hand, but they would never forget to be mindful of their beloved balloon animal! Then we went to the face painting booth, Sassy got whiskers and Little Bear got ballet shoes.

And that was just on Friday! Saturday we loaded up and headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee. And I'm going to make a second post for tomorrow on that!

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  1. I love your posts. Wish you were in the pictures. I miss you. The quilt was awesome. I can't wait to have her tell me how she did it. I'm anxiously awaiting your next post.