Thursday, April 18, 2013

And our last SUPER stop was. . .

Did you see the pictures I put on Facebook of Little Bear in her new Superman shirt complete with cape?
Have you ever heard of Metropolis, Illinois? I hadn't until our first trip out to Alabama. But when it started to get pretty foggy on our trip back from Nebraska, I decided we had better stop instead of try to make the trip in one day. So we stopped in Superman's home town.

And in Metropolis, on the corner of 'Truth' and 'Justice' Stands SUPERMAN! : ) Actually, he is on Superman Square, but they have some cool street signs that say Truth and Justice on the corners.

This small city of around six thousand knows how to capitalize on what they have, there are photo ops all over the square. Sassy fit just right . . .But Little Bear was a little shy of the height requirement.

And there are more phone booths that you could imagine in this city. I saw a decorative one in the bank lobby as we drove by.

The museum wasn't open while we were there, but we will definitely come back with the Commander sometime.

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  1. This looks like a fun place. Maybe when Papa and I drive down like "normal" people when can stop.