Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update 2 - Valentine's Day

I used to have nothing but anticipation for Valentine's Day. . .until I had to start addressing 20 little valentines from my daughter.

But this year with Little Bear not being in daycare and Sassy being able to write her own name, it wasn't too stressful for me. Sassy picked out her own Valentines- Barbie and Mustaches. I told her she should get mustaches for the girls too, but she really wanted to hand out Barbie.

We had a lot of fun getting the valentines ready, including a little Mustache fun.
 There was only a picture on the main box illustrating that you should put the mustache on your finger not your face, so I put one on Sassy for school to show the boys that they didn't need to put them on their faces. As you can see from the pic, Little Bear and I joined the fun too.

I went to school to drop of fresh fruit for the class party, and ended up hanging around to help Sassy's frazzled teacher. I feel bad for Sassy's teacher. She is supposed to have a class of around 18 students max capacity and she has 27! On top of that, she just got transferred from a fourth grade classroom to first grade and had some trouble adjusting to the age change in her students.

Unfortunately for her, I think that the tone for her year was set in those first few stressful weeks and she is stuck with a class prone to disruption and inattentiveness. She is a very nice teacher and Sassy has nothing but good things to say about her so hopefully if she stays in a first grade class room she can find her rhythm early next year. Someday someone is going to have to explain to me why teachers have to teach all ages in elementary to get tenure. Wouldn't it be best for everyone if they were placed with the students they work with the best so that they could excel?

But moving on, I want to mention the girls new nap buddy, Snickers. Snickers has put on probably 3 pounds, which has made her quite a robust ball of fur. Snickers LOVES Sassy, she allows Sassy, and sometimes even Little Bear, to drag her around the apartment in all kinds of terrible ways without complaint.

However, the Commander and I are barely allowed to touch her. She is a perfect cat for children and now she even sleeps with them during afternoon nap. After the girls get in bed for nap, I carry Snickers into their room because as soon as she sees them ready for nap, she jumps out of my arms to go in and climb in with them.

This all sound really nice until Snickers decides she needs attention in the middle of the night and starts climbing around their pillows meowing until one of them wakes up to pet her. Or if the door to their room is shut and she sits outside and meow LOUDLY until they come and let her in.

Unfortunately since I can't hear the cat in the hall without my hearing aides in, I sleep through the whole thing so I can't stop her nighttime begging. Oh well, the girls will just have to get used to being loved by their cat.

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  1. I want some of those mustache Valentines. They are way cool. So glad your girls have such cuddley cats.