Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Update 4 - Spring Break in Nebraska!

Let me start by saying that typing the phrase Spring Break still makes me think of Bikinis, drinks and bad decisions. Needless to say I never really did the college spring break thing which is a decision that I will never regret.

But spring break for us now means 18 hour drives back to Nebraska to visit Grandparents and friends.

That is 18 hours ONE WAY in case you were wondering.

18 hours with just me and the girls since the Commander decided he had better save vacation for our summer and winter visits.

I ended up driving to Lincoln 3 times in one week, but I was craving some fun time with my old co-workers and friends, so it was worth it for me.

We got some fun time in at Mimi and Papas house, of which I have no other pics than of the girls getting flying lessons from Uncle Sock (as Little Bear calls him).

And since our membership to the Henry Doorley Zoo didn't expire until April 1st, the girls and I loaded up the van with friends and headed up to check out the critters. I thought is was really interesting to see how each of the 4 girls walked through the exhibits and what they focused on. I don't have any profound knowledge to share from that, I just thought it was interesting.

The Lied Jungle is always the best place for pictures. Especially with all the vines to hang on.

And the girls all sprinted to the end to sit on the stumps which turned into a photo op. .
And of course I got to see my favorite animals again.  . .BATS!

And here are the girls 'petting' some sea critters in the aquarium. L snuck out as I took the picture . . .

This is one of my favorite shots of the trip. L, Sassy, and Lttle Bear are looking at upside-down Jellyfish.

Then, we all decided to go on the Skyfari ride, which is a ski lift ride over the zoo. All the little girls wanted to ride together, so I got the bright idea that I'd let my girls ride with the other moms and I could take pictures from the front.

In Hindsight, probably not the best idea I had all day.

Poor Spiff had to try to get two toddlers onto the ride and then worry about them keeping their hands, feet and bottoms in the correct place at all times. And while Neecie had two older girls, she didn't worry any less.

And apparently I have a problem with heights when you put me on a small swinging, wooden seat to which I am not strapped.

But we are MOMS and we survived!

Then the girls had to gather acorns, leaves and other fun things.

And finally Neecie and M headed to the cat house to see the new baby cats, while Spiff and I got some fun photos of L, Sassy, and Little Bear on the statues.

The end of the trip involved a lot of decision making since Mimi and Papa gave the girls each $20 dollars to spend at the store.They each came home with a snake. The commander isn't fond of snakes at all, so he wasn't pleased when I sent him these pictures.

And I think I'll get one more update post out of final stop on the way home. 

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  1. So glad you got to have an outing with the girls.