Friday, October 12, 2012

Because I need to amuse myself too . . .

Little Bear has discovered this week that mommy can be a lot of fun while playing Barbies. So we've played Barbies everyday this week.

I'm already bored with it. Really, really bored. I could sit and dress and undress and style hair for hours if needed, but since the girls don't have nimble fingers yet, we are still in the inventive plots and elaborate play stage.

So I started to have a little fun with it.

To keep myself amused, I've started to name the dolls accordingly. Do you see the doll in the hot pink dress?

Her name is Lindsey. Because she looks like a blond train wreck and everytime she sits down we get a crotch shot. I debated Britney or Paris as well, but the girls liked Lindsey so it stuck.

Maybe I should conspire to name all of them after pop stars. All the ones that aren't princesses of course. And does anybody remember this guy?

Hell-oooooooooooooooooooooo M.C. Hammer! Yep, I totally had an M.C. Hammer doll. Go ahead and tell me how cool I was, I mean AM! : )

And then there is this classy gal . . .

Anyone else remember Barbie and the Rockers?I can still remember the float they had in the Thanksgiving parade in the 80s AND the song choruses from their AWESOME cassette tape. hmmmmmmm do you suppose that iTunes has those songs?

Anyway, I'm thinking she should be named Mimi after the character on the Drew Carey show with the terrible eye makeup, or T.J. because she looks like a Hooker. Get it? T.J. Hooker?


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  1. I LOVE IT!! Do you want to know what is really strange? I had this thought on the way home from work today that I was going to be sweet and offer to play Barbies with Bee this weekend. I don't do that very much any more and thought it was probably time before she grows out of them completely!

    I had that Barbie - the Rocker. Jenna had the super cute Rocker guy, Derek, and he had real hair. We also had a rock stage and used to crank the tunes and jam out Barbie style! I may have to create a Barbit post for myself this weekend. That is just too fun! :-)