Monday, October 22, 2012

Boo-tanical Gardens Halloween preview

Have you seen the new Disney movie BRAVE yet? For Halloween this year, Little Bear is Merida. Ever since we saw the moving, she knew she wanted to be Merida, but if you ask her who she is dressed up as, she simply says, "Brave." Sassy had a little more trouble deciding, but settled on Ariel.
We had our first taste of Halloween this weekend at the Botanical Gardens Halloween event. Temporary tatoos, face painting, hula hoop contests, a small animal 'petting' zoo, and of course, candy.

If you couldn't tell, I cheated this year and purchased the girls costumes. My sewing machine and notions are still pretty much buried, although I had to pull it out quickly to modify the mermaid, since some idiot designed it with cruddy elastic straps that barely held it up.

I have plans to modify Sassy's little mermaid tail to actually look like a tail, but I didn't have time before this Saturday.

And of course, I dressed up as well. I asked the girls if Mommy should go as Captain Mommy AKA Captain Jack Sparrow, or the Mad Hatter and they picked . . . .

The Commander wasn't really into the petting zoo, him not being a fan of reptiles and all, but the girls and I had a lot of fun petting the reptiles. They got pretty excited to have their photo taken with this excellent boa.

 Little Bear wasn't afraid of the snake, but she wasn't thrilled that the snake was trying to cuddle with her, so she was trying to back up into me.
I'm pretty proud of the fact that they are both fearless about touching reptiles as long as The Commander or I touch them first. I'd like to think that I'm raising some pretty fearless girls, except they aren't fond of spiders, I'm not doing a very good job of pretending that I'm not terrified of them I guess.
 After a little pumpkin decorating, and a short walk around, we took our picture with the dragon and headed to Burritt on the Mountain for their international festival.

Which was not a Halloween event, but I asked the girls if they wanted to change and they said no. They had an excellent buffet with authentic Greek, Indian, and German food, but the rest of it was pretty much a bust. I was dissappointed, but when we first visited Burritt, they talked about this event like it was a must see for the entire city.

The only thing the girls found particularly entertaining was . . .

A horse. Oh, well.
I'll have to keep an eye on their websites, we had several pictures taken of us at both events. At least on this holiday, my girls think that Mommy is the coolest person ever!

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