Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sooooooo the new apartment was a bit of a downgrade from the previous furnished one . . . but the price is much easier on the wallet and it isn't on a curvy mountain road. For your viewing pleasure, I took pictures of the furnished apartment we staying is when we were moving out. The only missing is that they had the table set with wine glasses and the like when we moved in and the beds were made.

Entry view.

View from the hall looking at the master bedroom

Master bedroom, why yes that is a TV on the dresser.

Master Bath . .Huge tub!

Master walk in closet. Huge again!

Girls room with sucky beds too tall for little bear to climb on without a stool.

Guest room/computer room.
It was pretty awesome, except for the price and the drive. Unfortunately these are 2 pretty important things to me. So we moved here. And yes the cat was following me around while I took these . . .Consider the spooky eyes shots an early Halloween present.

Upper level right side!

Another view of our lake . . .

View from the front door . . . on the right from near to far, Living room, closet, Guest room, Girls room. One the Left, Dining room, Kitchen, Main bath, laundry closet. End of hall is master bedroom.

Living room. Can you see the awesome TV on the right and the fireplace?

Dining room/Kitchen view.

Tiny Kitchen view.

Master Bath.
Guest/Computer room.

Master Bath/vanity area.

Master closet. Major downsizing here. . .

Master Bedroom.

Linen closet.
Comparison time!
The bedrooms are bigger in the new place, but the closets are MUCH smaller.
I don't think all of my kitchen stuff would have fit in the last place.
The bathrooms are teeny tiny here.
The layout here is much better for being able to watch TV and chat without waking the girls up.
And I really needed a linen closet so hooray for that!
And yes it is a pit, but I hate moving, so as I unpack I
Hopefully they can get the furniture we bought into the master bedroom tomorrow. where that big pile of stuff is . . .and now that I've stayed up posting until after midnight, I suppose I ought to get around to moving that stuff out of the way so I can go to sleep.
Aren't I a great procrastinator? 

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  1. Two moves in a short time, and you are still coherent! Good for you!! :-) And no more super-long drive to school, right? That will be life-altering for the good. I'm glad ya'll are getting settled. Do you have a southern accent yet?!