Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where I've been . . .

So I've missed Halloween, where the girls and I actually marched around a residential area knocking on doors for candy. . . you'll notice they talked me into a different costume for this run. Not that it takes much talking to get me to dress up in my 'mommy pirate' costume.

Little Bear is shoing off the girls favorite candy treats. Chocolate Eyeballs. I tried to get her posed in a nice version of Gina Davis from Bettlejuice, but this is as close as she could get.

 Then a trip back to Nebraska for a few days to see family and my friend D in a body building competition. And all I can say is. . . .HOLY FREAKING FAKE TANS!

 We have now walked through the "Galaxy of Lights" display twice since we returned.

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens puts up holiday (and not so holiday) light sculptures all around the garden walking paths.

Santa was there, but the girls were too cozy in the wagon to get out.

 But their favorite part was the light forest. I have to admit I felt a little like I was walking into a fairy wonderland and we walked through curtains of lights strung up along the path.


And right in the middle was a 'snow' machine. The girls loved playing in the bubbles.

 And to wrap up our early holiday experience, we went to the tree lighting ceremony at the local mall. Again, they had the cool bubble 'snow' machines, so we spent quite a bit of time dancing in the snow again.

And aren't you jealous that it was just chilly enough that I was able to let Little Bear take her coat off for a while? She's so warm blooded that I had to beg her to put it back on. It took some talking to (threats to go home) at the garden to get her to wear her coat, too.

And all of this Christmas fun before Thanksgiving even arrived. . . I don't know if that makes me want to cry or scream for joy. I know the Commander wanted to scream, because I spent 15 minutes trying to find a Christmas music station on our satellite radio to listen too.

I didn't find it last weekend, but I found it today. : )

And now, after our Christmas prep, the madness of trying to get prepped for Thanksgiving is in full swing!

I have now officially touched everything that belongs to the girls and myself at this point, sorting and re-sorting to try to fit a two story house into a three bedroom apartment. There's still a lot to be done to find everything a home, but the massive purging of stuff is over.

And the prep for the feast begins tomorrow! I'm extremely excited to be cooking my first turkey and I'm even more excited than when I made my first batch of homemade chicken soup!

Mimi and Papa are probably on their way here right now which has the girls really excited. Little Bear wakes up everyday and asks, "Are Mimi and Papa here yet?"

I will need a way to distract them tomorrow so that they don't ask where Mimi and Papa are every 5 minutes.

But that's all I have to say for now!


  1. Looks like you've been having lots of fun! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday! I cooked my first turkey last year and felt like such an ADULT!!! :-)

  2. Thanksgiving was perfect. I'm glad we got to come see your new home. Miss you much!