Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hooray for the internet!

Finally!We have the internet people! After a few days of dinking around with our home computer setup, we got the home computer working.

And here's what you missed.

The commander drove a massive U-Haul truck with no air conditioning AND his car attached to the back while I had the girls and both cats with me in the van packed to the hilt.

Yes, I did let the cats roam the cabin after about 5 hours of meowing, and the girls telling me that the cats were still meowing.
Yes, I did have water and a litter box available for their use. Neither of which they did use.
Yes, I did drug one of the cats on day one, but felt so sorry for her I didn't on day two, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they have a highly neurotic cat.
Yes, the commander did get a nasty sunburn on his arm as he drove down the highway with his head practically out the window.

We did have walkie talkies so that we could communicate easily when we were in range. But we actually staggered our traveling a lot. I kept driving when the commander pulled off at weigh stations, and he kept going when we stopped for potty breaks ever 2 hours or so. We met up for supper on day one and lunch on day two, but we decided it was too stressful for  both of us to stop for every break.

I learned that cats like to lay on the front dash, sniff the air coming out of the vents, and stare our of windows just like dogs do.

The commander learned that 5 hour energy drinks and Red Bull are his best friend when driving a massive truck

So we arrived to a beautifully furnished apartment that I was too tired to take pictures of before we shoved it full of our stuff.

So here's a few of it after . . . .

The next morning, I was able to stop and take a breathe to enjoy the beautiful view of what I have come to think of as "our Mountain."

Seriously peeps, it is GOURGEOUS here!

And after that, I jumped in the van with the girls to spend 3 HOT hours unloading the U-Haul into 2 large storage units. The girls played in the shade while the commander and I bickered about how to stack our stuff.
 Afterwards, the commander and I decided that we have WAY too much stuff and I have been trying to trim down what we brought to the apartment with us. Hmmmm . . .Do I really need THREE totes of dress up stuff? Probably not . . .

The girls are still a little wary about getting in the van because the horrors of the trip here are still with them, but we are slowly getting around. So far with our few trips around town we have found -

 - the 'Ritzy' Mall, complete with lake in the middle, paddle boats, bowling alley, movie theater and carousel.
 - Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, McDonald's, JoAnn Fabrics, Pizza Hut, and other familar stores.
 - The Space Museum -->
 - The commander's Office
 - our Pool
 - The Elementary school (Monte Sano) which is on the next mountain over.

The commander started work yesterday and is impressed with the positive attitudes of everyone he meets AND the fact that their cafeteria serves delicious Bar-B-Que chicken and rib tips for lunch.

On the menu for today, I will be working on setting up walkthroughs for other available apartments with 3 bedrooms, two baths, and that cats are acceptable in. But the debate is just to find an open apartment in this complex.

All in all the move went okay. It would have been better with more time and without me having sinus surgery in the middle of it, but we worked well with what we had. The girls are still a little out of sorts. Sassy is sad about leaving her friends, but I have high hopes fo her perking up when school starts in less than 2 weeks. Little Bear keeps mentioning her new Daycare, so she hasn't really figured out that she will be home all day with Mommy, but I've already started scouting day activities for the 2 of us to get some social interaction.

And the cats are just pacing off the apartment trying to figure out the best lookout spot.

And yes I will try to get some pictures of the girls and our apartment up tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks Kate. I'm so glad to hear and see from you. I feel closer to you. Have you hit the pool, yet? I know where your swim suit is.