Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Someone should have warned me about the paperwork involved with moving.

I didn't think about things like cancelling all of our services back in NE (or transferring them to the rental management company) and the like. I think there was 15 different papers to fill out for Sassy's school enrollment.

But of course we aren't going to stay in these apartments because we found something even prettier on the non-mountanous side. So we had to quickly get the paperwork for that apartment done so that I could bring the lease agreement in and get Sassy into that school district because we didn't want to transfer her in 30 days to a new school AGAIN.

And did you know that you can't use a Nebraska immunization record in Alabama? Neither did I. But getting those records tranfered over took 2 hours out of my day with the girls by my side. The girls are getting less and less fond of getting in the van with Mommy because it seems to involve a very long wait.

The most tramatic experience for me had to be going to Sassy's school. She clung to my leg and said "I don't want to go to school." Quite the change from my excited little kindergartner. Of course this time Mommy and Little Bear with have to drive her 45 minutes to school and back every morning before we move to the other side of town at the end of September. The commander and I agree that this is worth it, but the girls probably won't agree. I might survive.

Other than all the time we've spent waiting in lines and filling out forms, we've stopped for a little family fun along the way. The commander stopped at the pool on the way home yesterday to take a few pics of us ladies at the pool having a great time. For once it wasn't raining in the afternoon so I let the girls convince me to go swimming. And I'm very greatful that the commander didn't see fit to zoom in very much for these photos.

And then to top off the fun, they 'styled' mommy's hair last night. Check out my grimace. Is it fair to say that I really wish that their Little Mermaid styling head wasn't still in a box somewhere?


  1. I remember all the paperwork just to move across Nebraska...can't imagine crossing state lines!! You are such a good mom, letting them 'fix' your hair. I am not quite so sweet, I would hand the kid her doll. :-)