Monday, August 20, 2012

Worse than Kindergarten . . .

Today is Sassy's first day of school. I was so proud of myself on her first day of Kindergarten. She and I were both too excited to cry. But schools are prepared for nervous Kindergartners and their parents. We were invited to wait 10 minutes in the library and have coffee. Then they brought in a digital camera and showed us the pictures of our kid's smiling and having fun in their classrooms.

When you move to a new town . . .they don't have that.

So the Commander, little bear and I dropped Sassy off, and left. (With the adult/older student helpers)

The traffic flow didn't allow me enough time to realize that I should have jumped out and walked in with her. (I was driving because the commander hadn't been to her school yet.) And while I'm sure she's fine, I cried as we left and contemplated driving over to her school for the next 3 hours to make sure she is alright.

But since I remember what happened when I used to try to do that when she and little bear were in daycare, I'm sure I would have just make it more stressful to show up and leave again.

Here is Sassy's first day of school picture. She put on a nice brave face for me, but her smile melted a little by the time we got to school. It is a 45 minute drive until we move to our other apartment in 5 weeks.

She made sure I got a nice picture of her Barbie backpack and matching lunchbox, too.

Little Bear was very irritated that she wasn't going to school too. I don't think she's going to last long staying home with me. Well, I'll update how her day went later, but for now, on to happier thoughts . . . .

We bought a membership to the Hunstville Botanical Gardens this weekend. I can't decide if the better word for them is "Awesome" or "Legendary."

There are 10 large 'tree house' play areas. This is the first one you see when you enter the gardens.

There are lots of ponds and fountains. Little Bear was enjoying mimicking the frog statues.

A small village with a train that had a working whistle and chugged along the track.

 And CHECK OUT THESE LILY PADS! Native to the amazon jungle, these were my favorite new plant to see! The looked big enough for Sassy to sit on and dangle her feet in the water.

 And what garden in complete without a butterfly pavilion? Well, most garden's don't have one, but this is the main reason we got a membership. Sassy is obsessed with holding a butterfly. We had a little trouble attracting one, but the Commander sat down lifted his hand, and one just landed in him.

The girls were impressed.

 Then Little Bear scooped one up.

 Finally, after many attempts, Sassy got one on her frog bracelet. She has informed me she will always wear this bracelet to the gardens.

 And to complete the trip, the Commander lifted his hand and got another butterfly on the way out.

Show Off!

The commander and I had been scouting for a good restaurant to try and we stumbled upon Hildegard's German Restaurant. After checking out online reviews we decided to eat there after a quick swim since it was closed on Sundays and Mondays . . AKA we didn't want to wait three more days because after checking out the menu we were STARVING for good German food.
Here's a pic of the delicious Sauerbraten, Spatzel and Red Cabbage that I had. The picture doesn't do this delicious meal justice, but do you see Little Bear's fingers snitching my Spatzel?


She didn't really care for it, but I think it was because the Spatzel wasn't in the gravy so you had to scoop up some spatzel, beef and cabbage to get the perfect blend.

The Commander had some delicious bratwurst, and was very satisfied with their beer selection.

Here's his happy face at the end of our meal.

If you come to visit us, be prepared to get your German on because we recommend you come try this with us!

And I think I have successfully distracted myself from Sassy at school. Did I mention public school runs from 8 to 2:30 here? Does anyone else think that is weird? Or do you think it would be better?


  1. I love Sassy's first day of school braids!! Your girls are so cute! Does it freak you out at all that you've created two little mini mes?

    1. Yup! Although the scary thought is that Little Bear looks a lot like the Commander when he was little. I guess that's the result of both parents being blonde/blue eyed babies from german ancestry.