Thursday, August 30, 2012

School update

Sassy says she isn't going to have any friends here.

not because her classmates aren't friendly, but because she has enough, she says. She has LOTS of friends back in Nebraska. And she has her cousins in Denver and Minneapolis. That's enough friends, she doesn't need any more.

I just told her that friends are like kisses, you can never have enough.

I hope that line doesn't come back to haunt me when she is a teenager. I should have said 'hugs.'

Sassy's favorite thing to update me on is the hair of the girls in her class. She LOVES that some of her classmates get to wear beads and pretty barettes in their hair.

Heaven help me from the day that she actually thinks to ask me to put some beads in her hair. My fingers aren't very nimble in the mornings.

Packing lunch for Sassy has been difficult because I really want her to have lots of options. Week one it was pretty much all PB and J sandwiches. I got more creative this week and she had mini pizza made with goldfish shaped flat bread. It went over well and she has requested it everyday so far. I hope to make banana muffins tomorrow, but I'm struggling with catering to her picky eating habits and figure out a way to expand what she eats . . .

But the big news for the week? Sassy got herself a gap tooth grin.

But of course, I forgot to take a photo of the gap for this blog so you get the 'super excited that I have a loose tooth photo op. The Commander and I had to ponder for a while on how much Sassy would get from the tooth fairy, and we settled on 2 dollars. Mainly because we can't teach her very muich about money management with 1 dollar, but we know we have to do this for two mouths full of teeth.

Sassy's excitement stemmed pretty much from the fact that the tooth fairy was going to come. I'm not much for pushing kids to believe in fantasy creatures, but Sassy is so passionate about fairies that she would probably break down and cry if I even suggested that the tooth fairy isn't real.

So we made a pillow, and Captain Mommy did her best not to lie too much. Sassy first made me tell her everything I know about the tooth fairy. I stuck with the "I've never seen her/him so I don't know for sure" defense which worked well as her questions became more detailed as we went on . . .

"How does she get under my pillow?"
"What does she wear?"
" Does she shrink down or get really flat?"
"What does she do with the tooth?"

I told her we should write a story about how she thinks it happens . . .

"And then we can leave it out and have her write on it what she really does?"

Well honey, the tooth fairy probably won't write an answer.

"But we could leave her a list and she could check yes or no?"

No, they try to stay hidden so they probably won't have time to read or answer  you.

And on and ON. But inthe end the commander convinced her to leave her pillow on the dresser, I had him WD40 their door, and the tooth extraction was successful!

And here is my 'all my craft stuff is locked up in storage' pillow that we made.

We went to Joann fabric, picked out 2 pieces of felt, some embroidery floss and 3/4 a yard of lace and tada! A pillow!

What did you do for the tooth fairy? And I'll take any ideas for cold school lunches.


  1. Holy moly that tooth picture is YOU! (are you sick of my awe yet? You have a mini-me! It's fabulous!) The tooth thing hasn't been a HUGE deal at our house. Bee goes in spurts of wanting to write, etc. Buddy just gets excited that there's cash involved! He just lost his second tooth the other night and it was just the big discussion of whether he could please leave it by his alarm clock instead of under his pillow because it would be easier for the Tooth Fairy. We left $5 with the first tooth and have pretty much stuck with that. I think Bee did leave a note once a couple of years ago. We may have written back? Having a little trouble recalling. The one thing I struggle with is that I have kept the teeth in a little pouch. Ewww, why? Why do I have a pouch of little teeth. But I do. So there ya go.

  2. Love your handiwork- the pillow and the daughter!